Miel natural Kaab - CHUNHUAS SA DE CV

Natural Honey KA-AB

100% bee honey, packaged and marketed with its organoleptic properties and natural value.

  • Variants: from different regions and ecosystem of the state of Chiapas, harvested at certain season of the year (October to July)
  • Type: Polifloral honey, mostly from Tzizilche, Tajonal, Jabin.
  • Aspect: Packaged raw honey, liquid and microcrystalline.
  • Color (mm Pfund): Light ambar (49 to 83), Ambar (84 to 114) and Dark Ambar (more than 115)
  • Flavor: Smooth, characteristically honey flavor depending on the bee and flowering (as specified before)
  • Smell: lightly floral characteristically from the flowering
  • Sugars: minimum 60 grams of fructose plus 100 grams of glucose
  • Humidity/ Acidity : maximum 19.5%/ Max .40 (meq./kg. honey)
  • Hidroximethylfulfural: Maximum 40 mg/kg
  • GComercial glucose: Negative/ Normal value: negative.

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