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Habanero Hot Sauces

We are a proud company of being able to commercialize this product since the chile of habanero is typical of the region of Yucatán in addition that this contains very important compounds for the health, as antioxidants, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and helps an optimal ocular function.
On the other hand we are happy to share with all our customers the different varieties of flavors of our sauces, which are totally organic because since we do not use chemical preservatives, the conservatives we use are totally natural, we make four combinations of different chiles that also Belong to our beautiful country Mexico.

Our different presentations are:

  • Chile Habanero with Chile de Árbol.
  • Chile Habanero with Chile Serrano.
  • Chile Habanero with Chile Chipotle.


All the raw materials used to make the sauces we sell are bought at the local central market which is a place where you can buy all types of vegetables, fruits, chilies, dried chilies, seeds, etc.


The process of washing and disinfecting the raw materials begins by washing our hands very well with water and soap before handling the raw materials, then these are placed in a container with clean water and there we carve them with a clean sponge , Then passed through the water tap and then sprinkled with a mixture of water, a little vinegar and lemon are allowed to stand for 10 minutes and rinsed again, then allowed to drain and passed to the work table.


The process of washing and disinfecting containers and lids begins with the washing of the containers and lids with water and soap, then put in a special pot with water and put in the fire until the water boils and the process of sterilization begins.
Afterwards they are removed and allowed to drain and dry, so that they are ready to receive the product already elaborated.

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